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Social Media Coaching for CEO's: Bridging the offline and online persona

With the shift that is happening within the new media landscape, we are more often being asked to coach individuals (often CEO’s) to coach them in their usage of Social Media and how to translate their offline persona onto the current online platforms. How can you match your offline persona with your online presence?

Why we pay close attention to your personality using social media

CEO coaching social media by Nameshapers: Oliver and Salmaan currently help CEO's with their Social Media usageBefore Nameshapers was born, both Oliver and I would be helping friends of ours with their understanding and usage of social media. It was fun and it still is!

Why? It’s great to learn how something works and how to translate ones message from one platform to another. It is the fascination of how a medium works and what purpose it can serve and the psychology of how it works that brought us together in the first place. And with all the tools that are used, there is practice needed to make it your own. Oliver often uses the metaphor of ‘learning to drive a car’ during our workshops: A driving instructor is there to teach you the basics, what to keep an eye on and when to do what. In the years of practice, you develop your own style of driving, you choose your own car and you decide when it’s applicable to use what.

It is my belief that what we do with our sessions is build the bridge between who you are offline, on to the current online platforms. And its not so much about the platforms as it is about you, and in which way you would like to share who you are, what you stand for, what you believe, what you do and of course why you do so.

Questions we explore in a private coaching session

The translation that is needed on “how” to do so online is a matter of 3 things in my perspective: your mindset, your tools (of choice) and the atmosphere you work in.

Often our clients who receive our 1 on 1 coaching come with an array of questions such as 

  • Which platform should I be active on and why?
  • How can I be authentic in the messages that I post?
  • How do I reach more people?
  • How do I balance the sharing of my personal and professional life online?
  • Which things should I keep in mind when it comes to privacy?
  • What tools are there?
  • Social media seems to take so much time, how can I become more time efficient?

And the list goes on. And this is perfectly fine to ask, since the questions are genuine as are the concerns. We’re not here to tell you that you ‘have’ to use these platforms, we are here to guide you and for you to find your own path and therefore keeping it as close to yourself as possible. Here is a little insight on the manner in which we coach:

Groundwork: Getting to know you…

This is where we create the fundamentals, and this step is often under estimated. Here we get to know someone on a more real life basis.

  • What themes play an important role in your life?
  • What do you love about the work you do?
  • Mention a few things you like about your position and responsibilities?
  • Describe 10 things that you did last week? And how does a normal work week ‘usually’ look like?


It is about usage, and how to find a way that our client will easily learn and find using online media fun at the same time:

  • On which platforms are you active?
  • What is your own perception of your activity?
  • Where would you like to be more active and with which goal/purpose in mind? i.e. Why?

Here we also take a look at the each profile on each platform and see what already exists, and what the wishes are for the upcoming future.

These basic questions create the groundwork. In order to really make sure we create a coaching program that is sustainable, we work with the current scheduling/day planning of our client and find ways of building upon the current usage of social media, mobile usage and web browsing. We also look into what their near and distant future plans are, since that helps give direction. We can then plan a content calendar, systemisation and gradual growth in ones development of usage.

So what follows…?

We deconstruct, we reflect and we build. We also give exercises and we try to meet our clients on a weekly to bi-weekly basis in order to keep a certain flow in our program.

Our program is very adaptable and we continuously reflect on how this fits in their daily/weekly life and what steps can be taken in order to incorporate it within their schedule and their current usage pattern. We also make use of “smart” manners of working, tools and applications that make things simple and easy.

When can I start?

Let us know if a coaching program interests you and if you would like to know more about it. Email us directly or find more ways via our contact page.