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Open Twitter workshops for the rest of 2011

Everytime we organize one of our open workshops (short editions) about Twitter, people ask for alternative dates or times. So we have planned ahead for the remaining months of 2011 and gladly announce the following dates to follow Twitter workshops with ‘waardebepaling achteraf’:

Working with ‘waardebepaling achteraf‘ means that you pay 10 euros upfront to cover necessary expenses and afterwards you determine what value you personally got out of the workshop. This could be a fair amount of money (we can bill you officially on request or you can transfer it our account: 5994095 “Nameshapers Amsterdam”) or returning value to us with one of the items on our wishlist. Any amount is fine as long as we get to hear your feedback on improvements if you would not find much value in our efforts.

These are the dates for the upcoming open Twitter workshops, both basic level and advanced:

  • 20 December, 10.00-12.00 “Twitter basics”
  • 20 December, 14.00-16.00 “Twitter pro tools”

Please register by filling in all fields below and we’re happy to see you soon!