De nieuwsbrief

New Twitter workshops and some changes in 2012

Looking back on our first year in business and gaining extensive feedback, we are adapting and changing some things. In 2012 we’ll continue giving ‘open’ workshops. We shifted from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter-only workshops over the course of 2011 by popular demand and will keep this spirit up. Although we still need to plan dates and locations for new Twitter workshops, there will only be one open workshop (meaning anyone can register to come and learn hands-on) per month.


Twitter - the world is mine

What does this mean?

More of our time will be dedicated to deepening and broadening the relationships with our clients for which we provide custom in-house workshops. We have worked for and together with inspiring people and are very pleased to announce that we are working on a plan with Deloitte to get more of their staff social media-savvy – our workshops being a part of that.

What’s changing?

Next to allocating our time slightly differently we are about to change the way we work with “waardebepaling achteraf”. We have noticed that for most participants this concept was not clear, so we have to communicate about this in a different way. Another blogpost will address the issues we encountered and the alterations we will make in such a way we expect it to work better for us – increasing both the intangible value as monetary value.

When and where are the next (Twitter) workshops going to be?

All of our open workshops we organized took place at creative collective Lev Kaupas. To reach new participants we are looking out for other locations inside and out of Amsterdam. Also, we are thinking of a sharper contrast between short power-workshops of less than 2 hours and all-day sessions between, for example, 10.00 and 16.00 with a nice lunch served. When the next date and location is known, we will update the website and our social media channels!