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Nameshapers contributes as Social Media Reporters for the Right to Play #OlympischGala

On Tuesday 25th of February 2014, we shall be sponsoring “Right to Play” during their Olympic Gala event Going the Extra Mile.  By offering our services we hope to contribute in the providing of sport facilities and empowerment of children around the globe.

The Pro-bono work we do

The beauty of much of the work we do lies in the service we offer individuals and organisations. This has allowed us to contribute towards positive causes pro-bono. The warm heart and soulful satisfaction that we get from helping a cause has overweighed the return we would get and it is something we continue to try balancing next to other assignments and projects we are involved with. We often help by means of guidance on how one can share their message, spread their idea and create a movement of people around the cause.

Right to Play

Right to play is a wonderful example of such a cause. With the UN recognising “play” as a right for every child, Right to Play’s vision is to use sport and play to educate and empower children and youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in disadvantaged communities. Here under you can find two video’s describing the vision of Right to Play and the reason they are doing the amazing work they are.

Right To Play – Trailer ESPN film by Right to Play NL on Youtube

Right To Play – A Short Film from The Kennedy/Marshall Company on Vimeo.

#OlympischGala “Going the Extra Mile”

During the Olympic Gala event: “Going the Extra Mile” there shall be a Dinner and an Auction to raise money for the cause and trying to help as many children as possible. Our job shall involve helping and guiding the social media reporting via Twitter and the Facebook Fanpage. This has taken some orchestrating, however we are really looking forward to a beautiful evening with money to be raised for such a wonderful cause.

If you would like to follow the evening, follow the Hashtag #OlympischGala or one of the following accounts:

Right to Play Twitter

Right to Play Facebook Fanpage