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Deloitte, Social Business and what we do

Deloitte the Netherlands has released a video on how to create “Social Business Champions“. This video shows in short how we train and coach the employees within Deloitte in generating “Social Business”. Simply said, we create a bridge between the offline and online world. Once you get to learn the tools, such as LinkedIn, adapt the mind-set and get over the initial threshold, the social business opportunities open up for you and your company.

What we especially enjoy about helping companies and their employees, such as Deloitte, is by first getting the employees figure out what they like about their work, why they work there and what they tell others about their work and themselves. This creates an authentic platform to translate towards an online profile and how to actively use it to interact with others.

If you would like to know more about how we give workshops, training and coaching sessions and how we help create social business establishments, please feel free to contact us.