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Crash course 16th of July, open to all

On Saturday the 16th of July from 10:00-14:00, the Nameshapers will be giving another open workshop about social media. It’s a lot of information, so you might rather call it a “crash course”. We are there for all those interested and wanting to learn more about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn quickly and concise, both personally and professionally.

During our workshop, although we will give you some information and overview on the world of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, our main focus is to train you on “how” to actually use those media yourself. The choice is up to you whether or not it is something applicable in your daily life (personally/professionally). We’re not promoters of the social media platform, although during our workshop we focus on making you go to work and implementing what you have learned directly.

We work with “waardebepaling achteraf”. That means you can bring at least € 10,- to cover for expenses like the location, coffee and other facilities. Beyond that, you let us know how much value we have added to your knowledge and skills by paying an amount you think is appropriate. This is the ultimate feedback system for both you and us. (Yes, we can also bill you officially with the amount you choose.)

Creative entrepreneur collective Lev Kaupas, Atlantisplein 1, Amsterdam (Google map). That is inside the MuzyQ building.

Lev Kaupas is located inside the MuzyQ building (shown on the photo), 4th floor

Lev Kaupas is located inside the MuzyQ building (shown on the photo), 4th floor

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