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Twitter Workshop 4th of March 2011 @LevKaupas

On Friday the 4th of March from 11:00-14:00, the Nameshapers will be giving a free Twitter Workshop for all those interested and wanting to learn more about Twitter and how to use it both personally and professionally. This will be taking place @LevKaupas



Many of you might have heard quite some buzz about Twitter: celebrities using it to share what they are doing, people being fired from their jobs because they “tweeted” confidential information. Yeh, twitter is something that can be used for great things and to be a little careful of, although there are some handy things to know about how to use it.

During our workshop, although we will give you some information and overview on the “world of twitter”, our main focus is to train you on “how” to actually use Twitter, and thereby leaving the choice to you whether or not it is something applicable for you in your daily life (personally/professionally). We’re not promoters of the social media platform, although during our workshop we focus on making you go to work and implementing what you have learned directly.

If you would like to follow our workshop, then please fill in this FORM and feel free to contact us for any questions or comments