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Deloitte social media workshops

We’re proud to be a part of the efforts tangling “social” into Deloitte‘s DNA. Being a fast mover in the forefront of large companies using social media, Deloitte’s online team has crafted an extensive social media program. Our workshops are a key part of the activation strategy.
After building awareness getting people enthustiastic for starting to use social media for their own purposes, sharing knowledge and eventually generating business leads, it’s time for the next step: getting hands-on. Because Deloitte is not staffed with trainers nor has the FTE’s available to train so many colleagues, we (and others) are brought on board. In groups of 15 persons in 3 hours we’re working on getting the mindset & skills for optimally using the most relevant platforms to reach both personal and business goals. Our goal with Deloitte is to have trained 1.000 professionals before June, 2012.

We have found that covering 1 social media platform per workshop is more than enough for the participants. Actually – Deloitte participants experience that 2,5 or 3 hours to spend consciously on their social media presence is merely the beginning. It’s not even 10 percent of their working week! So we split things up: any social media workshop at Deloitte is about either LinkedIn, Yammer or Twitter on a basic, medium or advanced level. We also teach about the mindset & skills to work more efficiently (“slimmer werken” in Dutch). This is also the topic of another workshop completely devoted to making things work better for you – including RSS feeds, Mail filters and social media dashboards.

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