De nieuwsbrief

Behind the scenes

Since we started Nameshapers, we were thinking of writing our experiences in starting up a company and our reflections on the workshops publicly on the website. Somehow, things turned out differently. We have been overwhelmed by the many people wanting to join our open workshops and everything else that just takes up your time when running a business.


Lately, we have been given the opportunity to train the wonderful people of Franklin Covey, together with Hanaâ Benjeddi. We had been in touch with the organization quite a while and had a pre-meeting two weeks before the workshop was to be held. Sitting outside in the first beams of sunlight we discussed the direction they wanted to go with social media and our vision on sharing knowledge and personal information in the current age. When we all had tiny eyes from trying to read what’s on the iPad and Macbook, we decided to go inside for a part of our slideshow ;).

Although we knew what we were going to do during the 6-hour workshop day, we took another working day to prepare all details. When it comes to giving such a workshop, you need to be over-prepared so you have room to improvise on the spot. While cracking up over some YouTube vids we created a mixture of demonstrative instructions, practical exercises and fun ways for the participants to interact with each other. Let’s face it, sitting behind your screen all day long is not the way you picture yourself in an ideal learning situation. When we felt we were up for it, we decided to sleep for a few hours before getting up pretty early making our way to the beautiful Leerhotel Het Klooster in Amersfoort.


Arriving just in time, I was surprised by the almost fully packed room. Maybe I’m still used to students coming in late? Not long after we set up the beamers (one for slides, one for a Twitterfountain) the time had come to introduce ourselves… Luckily, I already knew who we are so I could quickly get over the inevitable nerves of starting such a workshop. And what also helped is the warm feeling of sympathy flowing back and forth from the group. That is really wonderful! Once we kicked off, we spent the most time on general discussions about the use of social media for the Franklin Covey trainers and on how to use Twitter – of course, only if you wanted to use it. The group had a lot of great questions, so we had to shorten the parts about LinkedIn and Facebook slightly.


At the end of the day, we all felt tired. Personally, I had a tired yet blessed feeling for being able to help these wonderful trainers and coaches expand their online presence so more people can benefit from the work of Franklin Covey. Also, I feel lucky to work with my excellent fellow trainers. I had a blast not only working with Salmaan but also seeing Hanaâ blossom while she guided group discussions and facilitated other exercises. I still have so much to learn!

Hoping to work together with the Franklin Covey staff more in the near future, I would like to thank again the organisers Jan Kuipers, Jolanda Prijs and Noeranie Ramdjan and – most of all – all participants for their willingness to learn new skills during a long, fun and interesting day!