De nieuwsbrief

1 year ago…

After knowing each other for little less then a year, we, Oliver and Salmaan, combined our hobby of training and friendship with our passionate interest in all things social… taking a plunge and starting something for ourselves.  We had quite some months of “acting” like 2 nerds constantly getting excited about the newest gimics, tools, new media, apps and everything that has to do with advancements in social technology and so we decided to take a step we never expected to take.

“Hey, let’s try giving a social media workshop for our family and friends and see if this thing actually can work?”. Funny how a question like that can be so much more profound then it might have seemed at the time.

On the 23rd of October 2010, with the help and support of Lev Kaupas, we held a “Social Media Workshop”, open to all people interested, inviting all our friends and family to attend. After checking out some workshops ourselves, we realised what we wanted to do differently to them is not only present how to use social media, but get our participants to learn, hands on, how to actually use social media for themselves or their company/organisation.

That day, 1 year ago, was the start for us both, combining our passion for new media and training which caused the creation of nameshapers. We have both had quite a year, including some awesome successes which we are ever so grateful for, but also learning from our mistakes & growing both professionally and personally while we do so.














Our friends and family often jumped in at times we needed them, supported us in many different ways and especially never stopped believing in us – providing both mental and financial support at decisive moments. This is a thank you to them all those who have helped us along the way. Also a thank you to all the people we have been working with and have worked for.

We look onto the next year with as much enthusiasm (if not more) as we started. Our workshops have been developing, we’re learning as we do this, and we’re continually evolving ourselves and our company.And most importantly, having so much fun while we do this! That’s one thing we promised each other before we even started nameshapers: business should be fun.

More will be rolling out soon and when it does, well… keep your social media in check, we’ll probably be posting it there!